Perfect, the book cover by Joe Dallin

about the new book PERFECT

For most of his childhood, Joseph lived the quintessential Mormon life in Utah. But at the age of thirteen, he began to be faced with an ominous fact: that he was gay. The inner battle between his religious and sexual identities raged for ten years, nearly driving him to suicide. However, one night he realized that the monumental effort he had put into becoming a straight, mainstream Mormon man was not only an exercise in futility, but simply the wrong path for him. Around the next corner, he found the peace and happiness that had always been so elusive.


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here's an excerpt from PERFECT...

Not enough…

How can it be over? How can this be it? How can I still be the same, filthy wretch I was two years ago?

I stood at the pulpit and looked over the crowd. I could have sworn my mission president gave me a smirky smile that said, “I know you’re a fake, Elder Dallin. I know your secrets,” as if the all-seeing eye had clued him in.

Gathering my strength, I began: “I want to bear my final testimony as a missionary for the Lord’s True Church.” I had done this countless times, yet my throat strained to get the words out... read more here